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Catering Tent

A conventional square-sided tent designed for versatile use, it seamlessly connects to our tipis, providing caterers with covered access. Crafted with straight sides for ample usable space, the canvas complements the aesthetic of our tipi range. For flexibility, this tent can function independently or be connected to the Aura, ensuring a covered and convenient kitchen setup nearby.

Technical Material: Aluminium frame and poly-cotton canvas Dimensions: 6m x 6m (approx 20x20ft)

Included Installation Basic strip lighting Carpet throughout Tunnel link to tipis (if needed)

Considerations It doesn’t have to be used as a catering tent. With different lighting it can also be a practical space for a bar or chill-out space.

Questions Does the catering tent have to be used for catering? No, it can be used for anything. The size and shape of it means that it’s quite often used as an extra bar area, or chill-out space Are we able to remove the walls of the tent? Yes, the walls can easily be removed or drawn back to create something more open. Can the catering tent be joined onto a tipi? Yes, we can create a tunnel link between a tipi and the catering.


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