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The Nordic Tipi Difference

Experience the extraordinary with Nordic Tipis, where the value of exceptional design meets the unique proposition of seamlessly blending style and functionality. Inspired by the Sami kata, our tipis redefine the standard, offering a perfect synthesis of innovative engineering, aesthetic appeal, and adaptability to elevate any occasion to new heights. With Nordic Tipis, your outdoor events are not just gatherings; they are immersive, unforgettable experiences. We're anything but ordinary.


Linked in limitless configurations, our giant event tipis are the only fire safe and waterproof event tent in North America allowing for use 365 days a year while wind rated to 102km/h. 

Structurally Sound, Sustainably Sourced

Our manufacturer sources the poles for our tipis from sustainably managed forests in Northern Sweden, overseen by the Swedish Forest Agency. Following the harvest of larger poles, the forests undergo meticulous replanting, ensuring a sustainable cycle.

In line with nature's design, each pole possesses its own unique characteristics, contributing to the distinctive character of the tipi.

To ensure the structural integrity of our tipis, we enlisted a professional firm of Structural Engineers with specialized expertise in fabric structures. They conducted comprehensive calculations, covering every approved link and potential combination of sides up and sides down. These calculations, informed by the specific components of our Nordic tipis and the results from laboratory testing of our timber, fabrics, and sewing techniques, provide a highly detailed assessment. This meticulous approach allows us to confidently determine the safe conditions under which our Nordic tipis can be utilized.

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Nordic Timber

Subjecting our 150 year old pine timber to rigorous laboratory testing, we confirmed that our poles originate exclusively from specific regions characterized by exceptionally slow tree growth. The key to their strength lies in this deliberate slow growth, resulting in densely packed growth rings. Consequently, we meticulously oversee the selection of spruce tree species for our Nordic tipis and the latitudes at which they are harvested. The outcomes of these tests inform our structural calculations and are pivotal in determining the wind loading capacity of our tents.

Waterproof & Fire Rated

Hand stitched in the Swedish laplands, the custom-crafted canvas material we use showcases unparalleled water and fire repellency. Every material entering the factories undergo thorough standardized testing to ensure full compliance with North American standards. There are drip lines where our tipis connect which means no leaks like those found in plastic marquee tents.

Imagine the ambiance and warmth created with the addition of dancing flames from an open fire table centered in the heart of your event tent and gathering space.


Design & Structure

The combination of tipis to create expansive structures is impressive, but there's something equally special about the standalone beauty of a single tipi.

Inside, the high ceilings and natural timber frame provide a unique atmosphere. The clever fastenings that connect the tipis naturally draw your attention upward, and the rounded shape of each tipi channels the energy of any event in a way that sets it apart from other tents.

These thoughtfully crafted tents blend intricate details with a design sensibility reminiscent of architecture. We don't just host your event; we turn it into a work of art, ensuring it's not only memorable but also exceptionally photogenic.

Our giant event tipis can be linked in limitless configurations and designs. The larger the number of tipis, the grander the celebration, offering a plethora of tipi formations to explore. Opting for three tipis or more ensures you'll have a minimum of two distinctive tipi arrangements to select from.

Raised Sides

Every wall of the tipi can be lifted, allowing the outside to seamlessly merge with the interior. This transformation turns the space from a cozy retreat to an open and airy environment. We are able to raise some, all, or none of the walls plus each is eqipped with a zippered door. Our wallflex product allows for sides up, enhancing usable space whilst maintaining extra protection from rain, wind and snow. 


Functionality & Flexibility

Emphasis on functionality is as crucial as aesthetic appeal. This is precisely why Nordic tipis thrive in Canada, seamlessly adjusting to the changing seasons and adapting to the unpredictable weather. 

The ventilation at the top of each tipi not only allows for an indoor fire pit and smoke release, but also facilitates the release of hot air during summer and promotes natural airflow and prevents any condensation development inside the structures due to warmer temperatures inside and cooler temperatures outside.

Rugged & Robust

Their sleek design and exceptionally robust timber frame make them well-suited for the harshest weather conditions. Additionally, the canvas exhibits superior water and fire repellency compared to any other available canvas. For added reassurance, we provide comprehensive fire and wind engineering documents to ensure the safety and resilience of our structures.

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Embrace the Elements

Each tipi has at least one zip door. This can be positioned anywhere around the perimeter of the tipi and provides a more subtle entrance/exit. Couple this with our flooring and you have a structure that can withstand heavy rain outside while maintaining a cozy, dry environment for your event.

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