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E.xtras By Nordic

Bring a unique flair to your event with our optional add-ons.


‘Sophie’ - 1981 Pininfarina 124 Fiat Spider Convertible

Guide Price: $650 per 8 hours

Meet Sophie Fiat, our dazzling 1981 Pininfarina 124 Fiat Spider Convertible, affectionately named after the legendary Sophia Loren. This vintage charmer is not just a car; she embodies the grace and allure of a bygone era.


Whether posing for wedding or event photos, or gracing the spotlight in movies and plays, Sophie Fiat channels the timeless elegance of Sophia Loren to infuse your moments with a touch of vintage glamour. Step into the allure of the '80s, embrace the mystique, and let Sophie Fiat be the enchanting muse for your extraordinary memories.


Introducing our practical flooring solution designed to enhance the experience under our tipis. Ideal for avoiding wet, muddy feet on rainy days and preventing grass stains, our tough, washable woven polypropylene runners not only provide a finished and cozy atmosphere but also ensure that guests can remain in fashionable footwear (heel-proof, though not stiletto-proof). The flooring seamlessly matches the aesthetic of our tents, offering a superb finish when expertly laid. You'll really notice the protective quality of this flooring when there is a downpour at your event.

With the right technique, these runners can cover the entire tipi floor or be used to create carpeted walkways, connecting tipis and other guest areas. Elevate your event with this functional yet stylish addition, where comfort meets sophistication with your Nordic Tipis rental.

Dandydura matting.jpg

Fire Tables

Crafted for warmth, atmosphere, and a beautiful focal point, our robust fire tables are perfect for gatherings. Specifically tailored for use within our Nordic Tipis or as a standalone outdoor feature. A stylish centerpiece designed for versatility, our fire tables provide more than just warmth; it transforms any space into a cozy haven and fosters a sense of connection and intimate conversations. Crafted with finesse, this addition elevates the atmosphere, adding warmth, a touch of magic and a focal point for unforgettable moments.

Whether it's a rustic wedding, a chic outdoor soiree, or a cozy family reunion, let the fire table be the heart of your event, where memories are kindled and moments are shared in the comforting embrace of dancing flames.


Our modular wooden bars—a stylish addition to elevate your event experience. Solidly crafted, each bar is 6' wide and 4ft tall, offering a seamless and sophisticated setup for any occasion. These bars are not only functional but also customizable, connecting to form one full 12’ bar for larger gatherings.

Bartenders will appreciate the table-height 5’ wide work station behind the bar, providing them with a practical and comfortable workspace. For an added touch of ambiance, consider our optional bar lighting add-on, and custom colour option. Perfect for creating a chic and inviting atmosphere, our modular wooden bars are the centerpiece for memorable moments at your Nordic Tipis event.


Table Risers

Introducing our versatile riser—an elegant accessory that serves as a tabletop centerpiece, perfect for sharing food family-style among guests. Crafted for flexibility, the riser can be used to create varying heights on tabletops and grazing table displays, whether stacked or in a singular layer.


Its adaptability knows no bounds, providing endless options for elevating the visual appeal of your event. Let this stylish riser be the focal point that adds flair to your Nordic Tipis gathering, offering a dynamic and chic touch to your shared dining experience.


Rustic Chandeliers

Introducing our rustic chandeliers—a charming addition to enhance the ambiance inside our tipis. Crafted with a rustic touch, these chandeliers bring warmth and character to your event space. Suspend them from the apex of the tipi to create an enchanting overhead display, casting a soft, inviting glow.


Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your Nordic Tipis experience, these rustic chandeliers are the perfect finishing touch for a cozy and intimate atmosphere inside the tipi.



Introducing our eye-catching modern wooden arbor—a giant, triangular structure, perfect for enhancing photoshoots, wedding ceremonies, or serving as a cool artistic backdrop for any event. Crafted to add contemporary flair and versatility, this unique arbor provides a captivating focal point ready for creative decoration.

Elevate the aesthetics of your special moments with this modern twist on the traditional, where each angle of the wooden arbor tells a story of sophistication and style. Perfect for those seeking a distinctive touch, it's a standout feature that seamlessly blends modern artistry with timeless elegance.

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